Event Decor Services

Step into a realm of refined sophistication with our comprehensive Event Décor services at The Flower Bar. Working with a network of event rental companies or providing from our inventory, we curate an immersive experience that encompasses every detail of your event.

Ceremony Décor: Elevating Your Moment

We are happy to provide simple altar arrangements and satin pew bows to elaborate arches, chuppahs, and spectacular floral aisle décor lined with flowers. We have a full selection of arches and chuppahs to suit your wedding style.

Reception Décor:

Beyond traditional floral arrangements, we can provide custom linens, exquisite china, sparkling crystal, and flatware to complete your settings. Beyond the tabletop, we can provide tables and chairs in whatever configuration or style you prefer. Flower walls, photo vignettes, lounge furniture – we can provide whatever you envision.

Lighting Décor: Illuminating Your Atmosphere

Let the ambiance speak volumes with our Lighting Décor options, ranging from the simplicity of strings of fairy lights or bistro lights to pin spotting to highlight the florals at each table. And of course candles from votives to crystal candelabras. We understand that lighting sets the mood, and our expertise extends to ceiling décor, incorporating lighting, draping fabric, elegant chandeliers, and more. Whether a warm and intimate glow or a dazzling spectacle, our Lighting Décor services add a transformative layer to your event, ensuring every moment is captured in the perfect light.

Event Customization/Personalization: Unleashing Your Style

At The Flower Bar, we believe in the power of personalization to make your event truly unique. Our event customization services extend beyond the ordinary, offering specially designed and created linens, carefully selected pillows, and personalized touches representing your style. We can create signage, menus, and unique table identifiers. Going the extra mile in personalization is not just about making a visually stunning event; it’s about curating an experience that resonates with your personality and leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests.

In exploring these services, we aim to empower you with knowledge and possibilities. It’s not just about selecting us as a vendor; it’s about understanding how these services can elevate your event to new heights, creating moments that transcend the ordinary and become cherished memories. Whether it’s the enchanting Ceremony Décor, the exquisite Table Décor, the mesmerizing Lighting Décor, or the personalized touch of Event Customization, each service is a brushstroke on the canvas of your unique celebration, crafting an experience that is as extraordinary as it is unforgettable.